Page Animal Hospital To Close September 22nd, 2023

Over the past 5 years our Page Animal Hospital management has moved mountains in an attempt to recruit additional veterinarians willing to relocate to Page, AZ.  We have attended veterinary recruitment fairs around the country, hired a digital marketing company to re-vamp our logo, our website and social media presence for a more professional and inviting look. We are offering highly competitive salaries not typically available in remote rural areas.  We offer hire on bonuses, production bonuses, relocation expense assistance, benefits, and continued education expenses among other things.  We have even offered a $5,000 referral bonus to anyone who referred a veterinarian to work at Page Animal Hospital.  In the best of times, it is difficult to recruit veterinary professionals to remote areas and, with a nationwide shortage of veterinarians, these are not the best of times.

When Page Animal Hospital closed temporarily in 2022, Dr. Roundtree had already purchased a retirement farm in Oklahoma and sold his residence in Page.  Despite this, he sacrificed his retirement by selling his retirement home in Oklahoma and secured housing in Page to re-open Page Animal Hospital and serve his beloved community.

Sadly, Dr. Roundtree is now dealing with long-term health challenges that make it impossible for him to continue to serve as veterinarian in his beloved community.

So, it is with deep sorrow, that we are forced to make a very painful decision to close Page Animal Hospital, with no anticipated re-open date.

We are so very blessed to be a part of the Page, AZ community! We will do everything in our power to minimize the challenges that this change will bring to our clients. We will help to facilitate any referrals that are needed for your pets to receive the veterinary care they need. We realize this cannot replace having a local veterinary hospital and we will strive to help in any way possible. If there are patients with ongoing needs that we can fulfill at Kanab Veterinary Hospital, we will help schedule that. If needed, or preferred, we can forward all records, imaging, etc. to Flagstaff, AZ or St. George, UT, or anywhere else needed. We are working diligently to ensure that patients seen with needs for ongoing medications have script refills available for as long as legally allowed. If you have an active prescription, we can work to get you the refills that you need – and we can also set you up at our online store in Kanab. This will allow you to have your medications (or food) delivered to you monthly. Our online store is convenient, sometimes cheaper, and we will ensure you have the medications you need until your next annual exam.

Please know this is a difficult, heartbreaking decision we are forced to make and we thank you for your understanding.

Finally, we want to thank Dr. Roundtree for his dedication, love and compassion in serving his beloved community pets over the past 37 years.  Our thoughts and prayers are with him.


Kevin D Ballard – Owner, Page Animal Hospital

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